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Addressing the oily water

problem in the Western Cape

​Industrial Water Processors is a division of Fuel 44 that provides the most cost effective alternative to landfill for oily water in Cape Town, for which we are able to provide compliant certification for your environmental audit purposes.

Should you need your oily water uplifted, contact us to assist you with the most suitable transport and pumping solution for your specific requirements.


Should you have a waste stream that does not fall into our body of knowledge, we will endeavor to find the best possible treatment and disposal option for you and what we don't know we will go and find out from the local water treatment experts.


Our receiving facility is based in Woodstock, Cape Town and operates weekdays between the hours of 08h00 and 20h00, should you have other requirements that do not fall into these hours, please get hold of us on our contact page.

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