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Safety Health Environment & Quality

Fuel 44 (Pty) Ltd situated at 2 Tide Street in Woodstock, Cape Town is currently permitted in terms of a Waste Management Licence (WML 12/9/11/L418/9) to collect, accept, store, recycle and refine waste mineral oil and water contaminated with hydrocarbons from a number of suppliers and generators. This waste oil (which is generally destined for landfill disposal) and which contains varying concentrations of water is treated and refined to a certain industrial or commercial fit for purpose specification to supply various industries with their energy needs which includes fishing, clothing, confectionery, laundry and dairies.


The liquid waste collected and received is sourced predominantly from the Cape Town harbour, Waste Management and other industrial operations. It is stored at Fuel 44 where it is treated and refined. The differing oil/hydrocarbon types (black diesel, heavy furnace oil and lube oil) and water fractions are separated. The resultant liquid waste is further treated if necessary before being tested in order to meet the required City of Cape Town sewer discharge standards as permitted by the Department of Water Affairs Effluent Permit IEA8915. The compliant final residual effluent water is then safely discharged to the City of Cape Town sewerage reticulation system.


Fuel 44 will plan, conduct and monitor its operations in order to:


Protect the environment, prevent pollution including the promotion of responsible environmental stewardship through sustainable resource use.


Ensure customer satisfaction through quality of service.


Ensure the prevention of occupational injury and disease by providing a healthy, safe and secure working environment for all stakeholders.


This will be achieved by implementing a sustainable integrated Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) management system.


Fuel 44 is committed to:


Identifying, assessing and managing the aspects of its operations that have an impact on the environment, its people, its services and its assets.

The implementation and maintenance of an effective SHEQ Management system which strives for quality services, pollution prevention an injury and occupational disease free workplace.


Continually improving the systems and processes used in performing its day-to-day tasks in all facets of waste management and recycling to enhance performance.


Producing objectives and targets for SHEQ performance and monitor progress against these.

Fulfilling its obligations to comply with all applicable legislation relative to its business risks and with industry requirements to which it subscribes.


Periodically evaluating the suitability and effectiveness of the SHEQ management system and the policy through management reviews.


Taking cognizance of the views of interested and affected parties, both internal and external and to regularly communicate with them.


Making employees and others working for or on behalf of the  Company aware of the SHEQ policy, the requirement for them to adhere to the policy, and provide training to improve SHEQ



Allocating appropriate resources to implement the requirements of this policy.

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